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Development and Status
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 November 18, reporters learned from the Hunan Provincial Social Security Bureau, the province'employees social security contribution base is determined: Highest shall not exceed 12,132 yunot less than 2426 yuan / month.Hunan social insurance contribution base is the previous year, age and adjusted for changes in the number of laid-off workers in accordance with. Data Provinyge wage of workers in the post of 48,525 yuan, the average monthly wage 4044 yuan, an increahe previous year. Accordingly, the 2015 annual employer lowest monthly social security contribverage monthly wage, ie 4044 * 60% = 2426 yuan (rounded to the principles); up to 300% of thee 4044 * 300% = 12132.Social security contributions in accordancewith the current policy, flexipersonal capacity, which, according to 20% of fullcommitment basic endowment insurance, the n is divided into two grades, a file for the province last year the average monthly wage of worke4 yuan / month,the annual required to pay 4044 * 20% * 12 = 9705.60 yuan; another tranche ofear's base pay is lower than after the adjustment of the minimum contribution base of insurancy pay a one-time on the difference.